Our Products


A seat is critically important in any vehicle for driver and passengers. Our seats are produced with countless new features, advanced seat adjustment and complete and indisputable conformity with safety criteria.

Seat main components,

  • Metal Frame,
  • Cover,
  • Headrest and Armrest,
  • Foam
are produced in an integrated manner in its own facilities.

Teknik Malzeme assembles auto seat parts it produces in its own facilities and delivers to customer assembly lines with just in time frequency.



Our complete seat products are delivered to our customers' factories with Just in time delivery (JIT).

We produce our seats with the excitement of creating perfect quality perception to our customers…

It is our basic principle to present innovative solutions in our seats.

  • Using hybrid materials for lighter seats,
  • Generic products for being more competitive
  • More functional and comfortable products


We always produce our products with high quality materials for lighter seat frame. Their Designed and production require expertise, advanced technology and new composite materials.

In accordance with the our customers' vision of increasing common platform in vehicles, we produce next generation generic seat frames.


Cutting and sewing seat textile require expertise, good machinery and very wide experience. We export covers we manufacture to overseas complete seat manufacturers.

In seat covers leather, textile fabric and vinyl materials are offered.

All cover Designed and industrializing operations are carried out in our facilities by our R&D department.

Our cover manufacturing facility is one of the most efficiently operating facilities in the world


We produce foam with our chemical expertise in our technological facilities for comfort. In addition to foams we produce for our own seat production, we also export foams to our overseas customers.

We can produce foams having different stiffness on different sides.


In addition to classical technologies we produce seat headrests and armrests with FIP technology.

Our headrest and armrest facilities which are in accordance with Fully Integrated and Lean production principles are among best production facilities in the world.

We offer chrome, zinc and cataphoresis coated products to our customers with leather, textile fabric and vinyl solutions.